Boiler Swim

Round The Boiler Swim has always been an integral must do “local” swim during international events, such as the triathlon, outrigger canoeing and open water swimming.  The 775m course starts out in front of the world famous “Trader Jacks” bar and runs along the deep passage towards the “Boiler” and back again.

“The Boiler” is part of the exposed engine ship, the Royal Mail Steamer “Matai” which sank at Avarua Harbour on Christmas Say in 1916.   The famous boiler is well known as a snorkeling and surfing spot and a “diving platform” for the more adventurous.

The “Boiler” sits directly north west of the famous “Trader Jacks located right on the Avarua Harbour.  With impressive views and great atmosphere, the Boiler Swim is a definite recommended event for locals and international athletes looking for swimming around a bit of Cook Islands History.