Island Money

The Cook Islands currency is the New Zealand dollar and cent monetary system. New Zealand notes are used throughout the islands but the Cook Island has its own decorative $3 note in circulation as well as a few old coins. New Zealand coins are used mostly throughout the islands. Westpac bank at Rarotonga Airport opens for all in-coming flights. Unfortunately their 24-hr ATM cash machine no longer operates at the airport. ATM machines are available from Westpac and ANZ bank in downtown Avarua. Traveler’s cheques are recommended for the Cook Island and can be exchanged at favorable rates at the ANZ or Westpac bank in Avarua, Rarotonga and at the Administration centre on Aitutaki. Major credit cards are accepted at most shops on Rarotonga and some will exchange traveler’s cheques as well. On the other islands there are no banks so it is best to pre-book to save carrying around too much cash. Travel Insurance is advisable.